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Our mission

Foundation for Community utilization of Sustainable Empowerment and Development (FOCUSED) is a community development organization whose mission is to provide support to local communities in Uganda to sustainably engender their own development for self sustenance. We aim at strengthening local communities to address their development priorities, build capacity to identify their available resources and support them to utilize their resources effectively and efficiently plus creation of entrepreneur business opportunities to strengthen their economies. The ultimate goal is to enhance good quality of lives of people living in communities within FOCUSED areas development.

The cause

We patterned with local community development groups whom we support through our community social, economic empowerment and capacity building program. The program is designed to facilitate communities to implement sustainable development projects and programs using tested approaches and methodologies, in order to improve their community development efforts. The target areas of community development include: micro-enterprise projects for income generation and initiation of employment opportunities, environment protection and promotion, water and sanitation promotion in the community, appropriate technology and ICT skills promotion for youth in and out of schools, games and sports for the youth and social research.

Where the donation goes    

Your donation is directed towards supporting community based projects started for purposes of addressing communities identified development needs and priorities. The donation helps to cover costs incurred in activities involved in Community assessment, community development training, Project planning and budgeting, project implementation, project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and project reporting.

List of ongoing projects you can support with your donation

·      Ruwenzori Save the Mother Tailoring project

·      Great lakes to Great lakes water project

·      Kemihoko water project

Support a project through your donation and make a sustainable impact on the lives of people in the community


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