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Foundation for Community Utilization of Sustainable Empowerment and Development (FOCUSED) is a community based development organization. Its mission is to provide support to local communities in Uganda to sustain-ably engender their own development for self-sustenance. 

Village/City, Country: Kasese, Uganda         

Location: Kihara Cell, Kihara Ward, Nyamwamba Division

Setting: Peri - Urban

Established: 2006

Membership: 32

Group’s Mission: Mbangi Syomukama Women’s Group's mission goal is to enhance the capacities of individuals and people in the organization group for self-sufficiency.

Group Background

The idea of starting the group was brought up by the chairperson local council one after realizing that there was no group in the area.

On the 18th, March 2006 he mobilized trainers from Rukoki sub-county and private organizations to come and train community members on how they could start and manage a development group.   The group was registered with the sub-county authorities.  It has so far benefited from the NAADs program.   Program supervisor is Mr. Muhindo Eria. He is among the founders of the group. He joined the group since it started in the year 2006.

About The Group’s Clients

The group offers its service and activities to the whole community around Kihara ward the area surrounding the ward and the division at large.

Group Objectives

  1. To enable members of the group acquire business skills to help generate household income.
  2. To increase levels of household food security through organic farming.
  3. To increase women knowledge in the use of low saving energy stoves.

Group Activities

  1. Savings and Credit - Increasing income and saving levels of individual household by encouraging small income generating projects and small marketing initiatives.
  2. Farming (Maize and Beans cultivation) - Visiting different farms for training skills on organic farming and sustainable agricultural technologies.
  3. Sensitization and advocacy of civil society issues on HIV & AIDS, Adolescent productive health, Child welfare, Gender mainstreaming, domestic relationships and family planning.
  4. Catering services and Events Items Hire project for generating money at a group level to help group members to acquire small loan for investment.
  5. Goat rearing and Piggery.
  6. Rights Education - Sensitization and training women along with their spouses of gender, family life and property rights.  Helping marginalized needy and other disadvantaged people like orphans, widows, and handicapped and displaced demand for their rights.
  7. Environment protection - Campaign for soil, water and the management of the biosphere.  Educating women and the community on the use of low energy and saving stoves and creation of wood lots to reduce pressure on the environment
  8. Women leadership Skills - Building women’s capacity in leadership skills

Volunteer Opportunities

Applying volunteers can support this group on any of these ongoing activities

  1. Savings and Credit
  2. Farming Activities
  3. Sensitization and advocacy of civil society issues
  4. Catering services and Events Items Hire project
  5. Goat rearing and Piggery.
  6. Rights Education for marginalized and disadvantaged persons
  7. Environment protection based on soil, water and land conservation, energy saving stoves and promoting wood lots
  8. Women leadership Skills development. 

Volunteer Requirements

  1. High level of personal initiative
  2. Highly organized and ability to work both individually or in a group
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Readiness to work with rural communities
  5. Patience, determination and optimism

Working Conditions

FOCUSED gives support to community partners in Kasese .  The volunteer working with Mbangi Syomukama Women’s Group Group will be based at FOCUSED office and carryout the field work with the group within the community.  The volunteer works with full support from FOCUSED staff and a network of technical and professions in community development field.

Supervisor information


The supervisor is the FOCUSED Coordinator Dan Mugisa Byenkya.  He is a committed young man with passion in community and international development.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies and has extensive experience working with Volunteers both from in and outside Uganda.

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