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Foundation for Community Utilization of Sustainable Empowerment and Development (FOCUSED) is a community based development organization. Its mission is to provide support to local communities in Uganda to sustain-ably engender their own development for self-sustenance. 



This is one of the FOCUSED goals; to offer Community Development training to its Partner Community Groups and Organizations. FOCUSED uses the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model among others to empower communities with skills, knowledge and information in community assessment, community development planning, program/project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 

The Asset-based Community Development is a methodology that seeks to uncover and use the strengths within communities as a means for sustainable development.  Complemented with other development approaches, the ABCD approach increases community empowerment in making effective and efficient decisions for the management and utilization of limited resources that exist in communities.  The Development Training objective is to ensure proper community implementation of development programs and activities in a more sustainable manner.

FOCUSED supports trained community partner organization/groups/individuals to put to practice the acquired skills, knowledge and information; to improve their community development undertakings.  

The Development Training is also offered to both International and local Volunteers/Interns who apply and work with FOCUSED’s volunteer and internship program. The Volunteers get practical hands-on experience in grassroots development while learning how to do development work.  


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