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Foundation for Community Utilization of Sustainable Empowerment and Development (FOCUSED) is a community based development organization. Its mission is to provide support to local communities in Uganda to sustain-ably engender their own development for self-sustenance. 

Information sharing and networking program is a framework which enables the exchange of knowledge, information and data related to development work with both local and international organizations, Partner organizations/groups and communities involved in development work.

 The notion behind is to create a joint lobbying and advocacy platform in the effort of raising development concerns and finding the most cost effective ways through which the concerns can be addressed.   

The Information sharing and networking program furthers FOCUCED’s ability to identify development priorities as well as new sustainable approaches which enhance the increase of positive impacts in communities we support.

In a bid of realizing the program goal, FOCUSED establishes high level of transparency and accountability in its work. The organization coordinates information sharing forums with development stakeholders to discuss development priorities and development research findings.  Study findings from FOCUSED and other agencies are encouraged to form benchmark information for some development interventions.    This approach encourages development research and utilization of research results in doing development work.  

FOCUSED maintain good communication system for its work with updated information flow to all its partners.  This is achieved through innovative approaches like impactful media and public relations, community meetings, development forums, documentation for public consumption, social media posts and blog posts among others.  FOCUSED need support of all forms to its Information sharing and networking program to make the program vibrant and relevant to the contemporary development priorities.  


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