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Foundation for Community Utilization of Sustainable Empowerment and Development (FOCUSED) is a community based development organization. Its mission is to provide support to local communities in Uganda to sustain-ably engender their own development for self-sustenance. 

Community Capacity Building


 Often time’s communities are limited by inadequate capital to finance their development projects.  Among the obligations FOCUSED has, is to empower communities with skills on how to secure enough capital and resources for the development undertakings. FOCUSED supports communities to take advantage of the local assets and any other external assistance to support their development projects cause.

FOCUSED engages its partner community groups/organizations in acquiring the necessary fundraising skills; organizes fundraising training workshops and fundraising drives.  Some of the skills include grant proposal writing training workshops and taking advantage of both local and international networks plus friends to support development work.   The objective is to build and strengthen community skills of identifying and accessing project funding sources and be accountable.

The fundraising program is part of the Development Training Program and targets both the communities and the Volunteers/Interns for learning purposes. 






This is one of the FOCUSED goals; to offer Community Development training to its Partner Community Groups and Organizations. FOCUSED uses the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model among others to empower communities with skills, knowledge and information in community assessment, community development planning, program/project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. 

The Asset-based Community Development is a methodology that seeks to uncover and use the strengths within communities as a means for sustainable development.  Complemented with other development approaches, the ABCD approach increases community empowerment in making effective and efficient decisions for the management and utilization of limited resources that exist in communities.  The Development Training objective is to ensure proper community implementation of development programs and activities in a more sustainable manner.

FOCUSED supports trained community partner organization/groups/individuals to put to practice the acquired skills, knowledge and information; to improve their community development undertakings.  

The Development Training is also offered to both International and local Volunteers/Interns who apply and work with FOCUSED’s volunteer and internship program. The Volunteers get practical hands-on experience in grassroots development while learning how to do development work.  


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This is a FOCUSED program designed to facilitate communities to implement sustainable development projects and programs using tested approaches and methodologies, in order to improve their community development efforts. It is a process of putting into practice the skills, knowledge and information acquired through the FOCUSED Development Training Program.    The objective is to enable communities realize their development priorities and have the capacity to mobilize and utilize available resources and assets to address the identified community needs in a sustainable manner. 

• Community Assessment:

Conducting community needs assessment and opportunities is the first step in the implementation of a sustainable project/program.   The process includes the assessment of community resources, plus the SWOTs (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis for the identified community needs/priorities.  FOCUSED engages respective communities throughout the assessment process to empower them with the ability to identify and realize their existing development needs and priorities.  A clear understanding and appreciation of their community needs/priorities helps in building community ownership and acts as a powerful entry point for development interventions.  

 The Community Assessment activity is a part of the FOCUSED Research program.

• Project/Program Planning & Budgeting (PPB):

A successful community assessment forms a firm foundation for community Project/Program Planning and Budgeting. With the help of development workers at FOCUSED, communities are supported to develop authentic development plans and budgets to address the identified development needs and priorities.

• Project/Program Implementation:

FOCUSED supports the community to implement planned projects/program; following the developed plan and budget framework. 

The organization supplement the community project design and management program with additional activities like Project Fundraising, volunteer/intern placement and Community Development Training , to enhance new  dimensions, dynamics and approaches in ensuring the sustainability and innovativeness  to community based projects/programs.

• Project/Program  Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E):

FOCUSED supports communities to use Community-Based Monitoring & Evaluation approaches.  The organization builds the knowledge and skills of community-based monitoring and evaluation approaches to help communities understand (i) basic principles of monitoring and evaluation, (ii) the benefits of a participatory approach, and (iii) how to use information gathered to strengthen the project/programs under implementation.

The indicators, monitoring and evaluation methods in the work plan are key to Project/Program M&E.   Communities are encouraged to use the M&E methods in the workplan to gauge the achievement of the desired results and identify the challenges that need to be addressed.  The community discuss both monitoring and evaluation information (M&E outcomes) and use it to improve and strengthen community development projects/programs; learn from the experience to build their ability to manage projects successfully. FOCUSED supports the community to link the M&E processes to sustainability of community development undertakings.

• Project/Program  Reporting:

FOCUSED encourages gathering information for report from the start of the project and getting the  project beneficiaries involved in process (for example, hold a focus group to discuss their perception of the successes and challenges so far).  It emphasizes the sharing of the report with project beneficiaries and other stakeholders.  This helps build excitement about the project, show where more work is needed, and give the chance to celebrate successes!


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