Welcome to FOCUSED Organization

Foundation for Community Utilization of Sustainable Empowerment and Development (FOCUSED) is a community based development organization. Its mission is to provide support to local communities in Uganda to sustain-ably engender their own development for self-sustenance. 

The international volunteer package for private universities interested in global learning of practical sustainable development. The  package is also for independent volunteers/interns plus cooperate people who  are interested spending their vacations in developing countries supporting communities to improve their standards of living.

Host Family:

Volunteering with FOCUSED places you with a host family.  Living with a host home is an enriching experience.  It enables volunteers to learn more about the in-country local cultures and widens the scope of adventure in Uganda.



FOCUSED undertakes orientation for all volunteers as soon as  they join the program. The orientation is intended to support  the smooth integration of volunteers into the local community; provide them with the theory and practice necessary for doing International Development work and give volunteers the required day today details for successful community development work experience.


International development and training 

Volunteering with FOCUSED introduces you to basic development work training before the actual development work undertakings.  This is done to support you gain a general understanding of development work; the concepts, the best practices and approaches.  You learn community analysis skills, community based Project/Program Design and Management; skills in working with communities plus the incorporation of theories of sustainable development into practice.  

The FOCUSED staffs continue to support you by following-up on your activities, guiding you in how to develop an authentic development work plan with the communities.  The greatest part of the internship involves working directly with the communities in the implementation of the work plan to realize the project goals and objectives. 


Additional development experience:

FOCUSED organize development training sessions. Participating volunteers select development topics they want to learn more about in the region. Topics have to be of development importance which may not necessarily come from participant’s undertakings.  For example, a participant may be working in a microfinance/enterprise sector AND wants to know more about the Traditional Health Systems of the region.  In this case, FOCUSED provides relevant development resource materials to give insight about the identified topic. Competent speakers are invited to talk and share more about the topic with volunteers while incorporating volunteers’ views and opinions. Sometimes, site visits are conducted to give a more enunciated understanding of the topic.  


Mid-term review:

At the mid-point of working with FOCUSED, volunteers participate in a group retreat that allows them to relax with their peers.  This activity involves moving away from volunteers’ daily community work, and travel outside of the community.   At the retreat, volunteers engage in a number of exciting activities and games to lighten up their minds. Towards the end of the retreat, a reflection exercise is conducted where participants get to reflect on the initial work experience they have so far gone through and also discuss about what they hope to achieve in the remaining weeks of their participation in FOCUSED Volunteer Program.



At the end of the volunteer’s program, each volunteer makes a presentation of his/her work to all stakeholders.  The presentation includes what was done, learnt and future plans basing on the experience.  It’s a sharing moment between the community and the Volunteer.


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