Welcome to FOCUSED Organization

Foundation for Community Utilization of Sustainable Empowerment and Development (FOCUSED) is a community based development organization. Its mission is to provide support to local communities in Uganda to sustain-ably engender their own development for self-sustenance. 

Ugandan Local Volunteers:

The local volunteer package is basically for Uganda based university students who are expected to experience and learn dynamics of community development work and administration as part of their university academic pursuance.  FOCUSED also offers volunteer opportunities for Ugandan students on vacations and the general members of Ugandan community interested in spending time in supporting local communities while attaining skills in development work.

Volunteer Program Detail:

Social support:

Local volunteers are oriented on what to expect and their responsibilities as they work with FOCUSED staff, community partner groups and organizations plus the local communities.  The organization has a Volunteer Support and Supervision Team (VSST) responsible for ensuring an enriching volunteer/internship experience.  These are local staff with wide experience in volunteer/internship programs and development work.   The VSST works with the volunteers/Interns in the process of achieving their volunteer/internship objectives and help them with setting tasks, targets and measuring progress towards their objectives; while facilitating meaningful impact of volunteers’ work with the communities.  The VSST orients the volunteers in basic tips and tools needed for navigating the local community in order to immerse with the local systems before engaging in development work.  


At the end of the internship, participants have to write reports on their engagement with FOCUSED and general final reports as required by their respective Universities, schools and institutions.  Each volunteer/Intern makes a presentation of his/her work to all stakeholders.  The presentation includes what was done, learnt and future plans basing on the experience.  It’s a sharing moment between the community and the Volunteer/Intern.



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